Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Geese (and babies)

Yesterday morning, we went over to Sneads, Florida, to take pictures of the sunrise. This was a part of our year’s commitment to taking sunrise pictures around our area.

There were two sets of Geese with babies. One pair had one baby and the other pair had two babies. I took several pictures of the Geese families. This one actually wound up with the two babies being together and no parents in the picture. This set me thinking . . .

Last week we kept our grandson as his mom had a work commitment that complicated getting the little man to daycare. The parent geese reminded me of my husband and me. We were everywhere that our grandson was. He could not (not that he wanted to) get out of our sight. He loves being outside, so we spent much time outside. Sometimes just being on the back porch was enough. However, he also wanted to go for an ATV ride, so he got to do that. He wanted to swing, so we did that. Whatever he wanted it was pretty much his time to do.

We introduced him to boating and took him on his first boat ride. He liked it a lot, but it was better when “Grandpa go fast”.

So, back to our geese. Let’s all watch out for our babies like they do. (See the second picture.) Keeping a look out for trouble and keeping them close to us as we guide their steps.

As I was taking pictures, the babies kept getting closer and closer to me. Finally, I heard a “hissing” noise and took my head out from behind the camera to see one of the parents “warning” me to leave. So, I did, promptly!

Have a good day, and watch out for others.

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