Thursday, April 16, 2009


Is that it? Yeah, it is as good as any for the title.

I have signed up for the SoFoBoMo. What!? You ask, with both question mark and exclamation point. SoFoBoMo is short for Solo Photo Book Month

See further explanation here:

I considered a book last year, but just procrastinated, and procrastinated, and procrastinated. Did you understand I procrastinated?

This year I decided no procrastination. (Well, not in regards to the book. Other things? Yeah, it is still on!)

Okay, let us move onward.

I have a couple of ideas in mind. By the end of May, I must have decided what I am going to photograph. By the end of June, I must have completed my book.

Ah, yes, there is room for some more procrastination. Isn’t life good?

You may be seeking my regular photograph; usually I add one per week. Well, this comment is about the SOFOBOMO, yet to be determined. By actually posting this I am attempting some “accountability.” Now there is a word to love.

So, bear with me. I will keep posting my blog as usual. However, there will be extra blogs as I explore this new adventure. Come with me and let’s see what we find.

I certainly do not want to explore alone.

Which reminds me, why don’t you consider a SOFOBOMO of your own????? There is still time to sign up!

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