Monday, May 25, 2009

Black and White Gardenia Petals

Our Gardenia bush is so loaded that when it rains the limbs almost fall to the ground. Last week, I went out and took some photographs and am working with them. This is an image of just petals singled out. I love black and white pictures, thus I converted it to a black and white. I like this, though I am still working on other images.

It has been a blessing in our house this past week and a half. My house smells so good with the Gardenias in it. Also, when we walk outside, especially after a fresh rain, the blessing extends out over the yard. There are so many blooms they just “smell up” the yard.

I hope you are receiving blessings this week.

I do not have a Memorial Day image to post, but I must remind each of us that because of those who have given their lives for us, we can celebrate this day as we wish. Please, remember you are blessed because of the lives of others.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

William and the Lizard

Spring is a time for new beginnings and I love Spring. Children, baby animals and birds, new growth on trees, flowers, all of it, it is just all wonderful. New discoveries are made.

Here is a picture of our grandson and his first discovery of a lizard. William had no qualms about touching the lizard. Part of that is he hasn’t been hurt by one yet. However, a major part of that is his mom. I would find frogs, lizards, and eventually snake skins in her pockets or in her bedroom. William has a great role model for his years ahead.

Here is a toast to new things – William was two years old in March – so he is a part of the wonders of Spring.

I hope you still have the wonder of a small child in yourself!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunrise on Lake Seminole in May

This is the April edition of the year’s sunrise images. We went to Sneads, FL, and shot back toward the east over the lake. So far all of our focus has been on the lake. I hope to move away from the lake in May to shoot some of the surrounding area.

Our area is an agricultural one and I think there are some beautiful sunrises waiting out there over fields and pastures.

After the 15th of May, I will be focusing on another project though. You can see it at my other blog, set up specifically for the project, I have 30 days to take and publish in a book form 35 images. I have selected southwest Georgia courthouses as my subject. I signed on for this project in an effort to get me out photographing more.

I will still add photos here once a week, so please do come back and look.

I hope you are having a great spring. As you can see, it is beautiful here on the lake.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Egrets

On the theme of babies, here is an image of a couple of baby Egrets. This picture was taken at the Venice Rookery, back at the beginning of April.

There were two here together that the parents would come and feed. One of them was much more active than the other. Here you can see that one "trying out his wings."

I couldn't help but be amused. Mom and Dad go off and like most children he tries to see what he can get into.

Hope you are having great spring weather.