Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Do you focus so much on where you are going that you fail to see the here and now? I sometimes do this. I fail to “live in the moment.”

This image was taken by a lens called a Lens Baby. It has a “sweet spot” where things are in focus. The rest of the image is somewhat out of focus, depending on several variables.

This image however speaks to me about living in the moment. I fail sometimes to see the trees where I am. I may not appreciate enough the love of my family or the love of my Lord. I may fail to hear my friends when they call out to me. I may overlook a need by one close to me.

Mitch and I got up early and we were sitting on a dock on another part of the lake as the sun rose. We went to take pictures of the sunrise. There were Coots, Herons, and ducks. A couple of fishermen put their boat in the water and took off, in the early morning fog. We also heard the cry of a Loon.

After the sun rose, we came home and had French toast for breakfast.

I am sitting here at my computer listening to a Brown Thrasher. Earlier, I heard Blue Birds. I just enjoyed a cup of tea, listening to the sounds of the morning.

Today, I am going to try and focus on the now. I am going to try not looking around that bend and wondering what is there and worrying about the “what if’s.”

Worrying about the “what if’s” is a major problem about not living in the here and now. Yes, you need to prepare for the future. You can, however, worry yourself, literally, to death by focusing too much on the “yet to come”.

My grandmother used to tell me, “Don’t go chasing shadows.”

Join me in the here and now. Enjoy the gift given to you today!

Monday, January 19, 2009


A few days ago, Michelle and I were discussing how our family (the girls and my nephews) are programmed to “pose for the camera.” It is amusing how when I take out my camera or when my sister-in-law does the same, our children know to pose.

Here is a picture of our grandson, William. We were lucky enough to take care of him this past Wednesday. He is a treat! He can count to ten. He is learning his ABC’s. He already knows the “no” word, and he is not yet two years old. In the background is the box his Christmas gift was in. He is still enjoying the box. He goes in it, saying “goodbye” as he does. This is followed by “see you later.” He closes it up. Then out he comes. As for the Christmas gift, well who knows . . .

As you can see, he already knows to pose for the camera. I had forgotten to take my Canon so this is with a point and shoot. However, he immediately knew what it was for. As soon as Mitch took the camera out and pointed it at William, he posed.

I hope his smile is as contagious for you as it is for us.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Captiva Island Sunset

The first day we were in Fort Myers, we went to Sanibel/Captiva Island. It was a nice drive. We also got some of our first pictures at Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve.

We then drove north on the road connecting Sanibel/Captiva, looking for a place to park and take some pictures of the sunset. While the gulf front is “public” land, there was absolutely no place to park. So I took several pictures while Mitch was driving.

This is a sunset from Captiva Island, taken while Mitch is driving south and I am shooting out the window on the passenger side. You can see some people have set up for a sunset viewing. (If you click on the image it will upload the complete panorama.)

It was an absolutely beautiful sunset.

I love sunrises as they bring a new day. I also love sunsets – they are so beautiful!

Hope you enjoy this one as well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sanibel Island Causeway Sunrise

This week I am speaking at a Christian Women’s Connection luncheon, in Fort Myers, Florida.

Mitch decided to come with me and we came down early. We were going to use the trip as a short break together and get in some photography. It has been year’s since we were in Fort Myers. The last time was when Brandie turned sixteen and we went to the keys for a vacation. We came back up the west coast of Florida on our way home.

This morning we got up early as we were going out to Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge for a morning boat ride. On the way over, we stopped at the causeway going to Sanibel Island. We stayed there about thirty minutes and caught a few pictures of the sunrise. I almost missed it as I was taking pictures of gulls.

Here is an image from this morning. It was a beautiful sunrise.

Of course, I think all sunrises are beautiful. It means the opportunity of another day and that is grand indeed.