Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sanibel Island Causeway Sunrise

This week I am speaking at a Christian Women’s Connection luncheon, in Fort Myers, Florida.

Mitch decided to come with me and we came down early. We were going to use the trip as a short break together and get in some photography. It has been year’s since we were in Fort Myers. The last time was when Brandie turned sixteen and we went to the keys for a vacation. We came back up the west coast of Florida on our way home.

This morning we got up early as we were going out to Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge for a morning boat ride. On the way over, we stopped at the causeway going to Sanibel Island. We stayed there about thirty minutes and caught a few pictures of the sunrise. I almost missed it as I was taking pictures of gulls.

Here is an image from this morning. It was a beautiful sunrise.

Of course, I think all sunrises are beautiful. It means the opportunity of another day and that is grand indeed.

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