Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year

In looking for an image to post for a look forward to the New Year, I chose this one. It is an old one. I took the picture when we were in Savannah, Georgia, for a photography workshop.

Why did I select this image? It is of a sunrise. Just as the sun rises each day, with the possibility of a fresh start, so will we begin a new year on Thursday. Though each day gives us a new start, there is something special about a new year.

Second, I chose this image because there are people in it. In this case some really nice people who have become special to Mitch and me. However, it is for you to put your people in it. I pray for you loved ones to enhance your life in this new year.

Third, there is a horizon of the ocean. I likewise pray for you new and greater horizons, as much as you want or need.

Joy to you for the New Year!

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Happy New Year and wishing you and your family love, peace and many blessings in the coming years.
Thank you for another meaningful post, reminder of each day is a new day, fresh start, that family and loved ones are important and that we should reach for greater horizon. (Of course, you know my soft spot for Savannah :)
With best wishes. TOTA