Monday, December 15, 2008

Coheelee Creek #2

Today, Mitch and I again went to Coheelee Creek (see his blog We had a really nice time. We left home before daylight and went by our favorite spot for breakfast. Bobby makes the absolute best biscuits I can get (that is outside of my Mom’s house). We got the requisite sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and continued on our way.

Bobby asked where we were off to at that hour of the day. We told him we were off to Coheelee Creek. He said that was getting to be a habit.

We had stopped by his place the last time we went to Coheelee.

As Mitch mentions, we had a heavy rain the end of last week. This meant there was a lot of water coming through the creek. The sound of rushing water was so beautiful. It was very peaceful.


Michelle said...

you guys love the creek! It should be renamed to "miller creek"!

Fishpond Drain said...

Well I guess it is Miller Time.