Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please, you first!

Today a friend and I were talking. She had someone who made three appointments with her, and didn’t show up for the first two and then showed up an hour and a half late for the third. She was very frustrated. I could sympathize.
One thing led to another and we began discussing the why’s.
I said that I think it is a version of selfishness or at the least self-centeredness.
We talked on.
I told her that I believe this is some of what is wrong with the world today. From the banking scandal to the car pulling out in front of you in traffic, I do believe that if each of us thought of others first so many of our problems would go away. Oh, I know, this is simplistic. But, isn’t life really simple? Golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Wouldn’t that show a decided lack of selfishness?
I believe it would work. I believe it could work.
I’ll try it, will you join me . . .

Monday, September 29, 2008

Remember When - Grandson Walking

As a toddler walked across a restaurant, a number of years ago, Mitch asked the dad if he was glad the toddler was walking. The dad told Mitch that even thought he and his wife had been eagerly awaiting the time when their new daughter walked, they were rethinking the whole issue. Surely, any of you who have been involved in a child's life can remember that time: eagerly awaiting their ability to walk only to say, "What were we thinking?"

That is where we are now. Our news from the weekend, our grandson took his first independent steps. According to his mom, he took a couple of steps then set down. Then he got up and did it again. As all moms are, she is just delighted. She also sounds as if she thinks no child has ever done anything this wonderful before. (Of course that could be because the next thing he did was to stand on his head and look at her through his legs. Of course he is brilliant!)

I think one of the best things about this though is the sense of wonder in his mom's voice. Children can bring us such a sense of wonder. Her's is just beginning as he experiences the world around him.

This picture of William was created by his grandpa. He calls it "Out-of-bounds."

I hope you haven't lost the sense of wonder in your world. Look around you. Experience the taste of lemonade as if you have never tasted it. Look at a sunset as if it was the first one you have ever seen. Experience the wonder of it all . . .

Sunday, September 28, 2008

End of Summer or First of Fall

Fall or Autumn, depending on which you prefer, actually has been here (according to the calendar) for almost a week. The weather here has been just beautiful, cool nights and warm (not hot) days. We can actually open up the house and let the fresh air in. My husband is always surprised by how much better I sleep with fresh air in the house.

This weekend my daughter asked the question of why can't we have this weather all year. Sometimes I would agree with her. It is just so lovely. As with most things though, we really appreciate this weather because we do not have it all year. It is so beautiful to us because it is a treat, not an everyday meal if you will. Or so I sometimes think. Then there are the times when I just know I would never grow tired of weather like this. Perhaps not so much because of the "weather" as much as what it allows me to do: get out in the boat, work in the yard, swing in the swing in the yard, lay in the hammock outside. You get the picture!

Speaking of pictures, this is a sunset from our back porch as fall begins. Did I mention sitting in a rocking chair is another part of what this weather allows?

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy this time of year and find some peace in the moment.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Last week we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was a beautiful week. I gathered some sea shells and brought them home to do some macro photography. The white inside of the shell made them very difficult to focus on in some cases.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Technologically Challenged

Okay, this is something I have wanted to do. So, we will see how this goes. Please be patient as this is my first attempt.

It is a beautiful day here on the lake. Yesterday as my DH and I sat and ate lunch, we saw a small fawn in our back yard. He just wandered around for a while.

The hummingbirds have left for the winter. We had quite a number there for a few weeks. I am not sure but what the love bugs drove them off. The love bugs would get in the feeders and the birds would naturally quit feeding.

The weather has been nice enough for the last week to open up the house. We have been doing spring cleaning in the fall.

I hope if anyone finds their way here they are appreciating the beauty of this earth where ever they are.

Peace to you.