Sunday, September 28, 2008

End of Summer or First of Fall

Fall or Autumn, depending on which you prefer, actually has been here (according to the calendar) for almost a week. The weather here has been just beautiful, cool nights and warm (not hot) days. We can actually open up the house and let the fresh air in. My husband is always surprised by how much better I sleep with fresh air in the house.

This weekend my daughter asked the question of why can't we have this weather all year. Sometimes I would agree with her. It is just so lovely. As with most things though, we really appreciate this weather because we do not have it all year. It is so beautiful to us because it is a treat, not an everyday meal if you will. Or so I sometimes think. Then there are the times when I just know I would never grow tired of weather like this. Perhaps not so much because of the "weather" as much as what it allows me to do: get out in the boat, work in the yard, swing in the swing in the yard, lay in the hammock outside. You get the picture!

Speaking of pictures, this is a sunset from our back porch as fall begins. Did I mention sitting in a rocking chair is another part of what this weather allows?

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy this time of year and find some peace in the moment.

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John Deere Lady said...

Hey Lady of Lake Seminole,
Thanks for sharing with me. Your stories are great. Your pictures are too. Stories make me want to be at my lake house real bad.I wish I had a porch like yours to watch wildlife and not have bugs all over me.(maybe one day)
Thanks again for sharing.

John Deere Lady(How about my name?)