Monday, September 29, 2008

Remember When - Grandson Walking

As a toddler walked across a restaurant, a number of years ago, Mitch asked the dad if he was glad the toddler was walking. The dad told Mitch that even thought he and his wife had been eagerly awaiting the time when their new daughter walked, they were rethinking the whole issue. Surely, any of you who have been involved in a child's life can remember that time: eagerly awaiting their ability to walk only to say, "What were we thinking?"

That is where we are now. Our news from the weekend, our grandson took his first independent steps. According to his mom, he took a couple of steps then set down. Then he got up and did it again. As all moms are, she is just delighted. She also sounds as if she thinks no child has ever done anything this wonderful before. (Of course that could be because the next thing he did was to stand on his head and look at her through his legs. Of course he is brilliant!)

I think one of the best things about this though is the sense of wonder in his mom's voice. Children can bring us such a sense of wonder. Her's is just beginning as he experiences the world around him.

This picture of William was created by his grandpa. He calls it "Out-of-bounds."

I hope you haven't lost the sense of wonder in your world. Look around you. Experience the taste of lemonade as if you have never tasted it. Look at a sunset as if it was the first one you have ever seen. Experience the wonder of it all . . .

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