Monday, January 19, 2009


A few days ago, Michelle and I were discussing how our family (the girls and my nephews) are programmed to “pose for the camera.” It is amusing how when I take out my camera or when my sister-in-law does the same, our children know to pose.

Here is a picture of our grandson, William. We were lucky enough to take care of him this past Wednesday. He is a treat! He can count to ten. He is learning his ABC’s. He already knows the “no” word, and he is not yet two years old. In the background is the box his Christmas gift was in. He is still enjoying the box. He goes in it, saying “goodbye” as he does. This is followed by “see you later.” He closes it up. Then out he comes. As for the Christmas gift, well who knows . . .

As you can see, he already knows to pose for the camera. I had forgotten to take my Canon so this is with a point and shoot. However, he immediately knew what it was for. As soon as Mitch took the camera out and pointed it at William, he posed.

I hope his smile is as contagious for you as it is for us.

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