Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coheelee Creek

Mitch and I went several days ago to Coheelee Creek. We actually went looking for fall color and there was not much of it yet. However, we love to go to Coheelee to photograph. There is a covered bridge and it has a nice stream. We walked further down the stream than we had been before. There was a four foot high bank covered with ferns. I tried to get a photograph but the sun is in the wrong place this time of year. So, a note went in my calendar for later, when the sun is in the northern route.

However, here is a picture of the creek leading to the covered bridge. It is just a peaceful, country image. Someplace where I could sit and while away a day (even without a book). I should point out that we were up before daybreak to get to Coheelee early.

I hope you are having a lovely fall where you are.


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