Thursday, November 27, 2008


Those of us here for Thanksgiving.

Brandie, our daughter, and her son, William.

Michelle, our daughter, and William

One of the most important things about Thanksgiving is, for me, family. I thoroughly love having as much of my family around me as I can get. Each year this varies with family. A few years ago, I was going through radiation, so we decided Thanksgiving should be small. We were worried about the chance of my getting ill. Every so often my brother's boys, our nephews, would bring an extra guest or two, which was really great.
I also like it when we have friends around for lunch. A couple of years ago we had three extra couples for lunch. They were at our church helping us to build our church. It was such a treat to share lunch with them. We have invited people that we work with on occasion.
Thanksgiving, sitting around a dining table (or sometimes two or three tables) sharing food, laughs, life, is wonderful.
Another important part of Thanksgiving is being thankful to our Lord. Even though I try to keep caught up each day, this day just gives me an extra day to remember how blessed I am.
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and that you are richly blessed with family and friends.

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