Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anniversary Quilt - Our Waltz

Lately, I have been struggling with my photography. Just a temporary difficulty I am sure.

I thought, in the meantime, I would post pictures of the anniversary quilt I made for my husband and me.

These pictures reflect the two blocks that were used throughout the quilt and then the complete quilt itself. The blocks are called “Cannonball” and “54-40 or Fight.”

The Cannon ball is also called a Snow ball.

The “54-40 or Fight” refers to the battle between between the US and Canada in the northwest regarding establishment of the border, in the early 1800's. A lot of people wanted the border set at the 54 longitudes and 40th parallel which would have taken all of Southern Alaska and British Columbia. Eventually the 49th parallel was used.

When used in the pattern as I did together these two blocks make a Tennessee Waltz patterned quilt.

I was amused when I realized that the anniversary quilt is made of two blocks that seem to reflect “fighting”. However, the first time my husband and I danced a slow dance together it was to the music “Tennessee Waltz.” When I saw this quilt pattern I just knew that I needed to make a quilt like this.

It actually was intended for our anniversary a couple of years ago. However, life got in the way “so to speak”. A wedding quilt needed to be made, baby quilts needed to be made, a “going away” quilt for our Pastor’s wife needed to be made.

Our marriage was going to last and the quilt could wait, though not be left undone.

Weddings, new babies, the loss of a friend’s presence, these needed to be seen to right away.

As has been for years, our marriage, it was our support and strength through all of these.


Michelle said...

Well, I have seen amazing improvement in your photography since you started! I keep meaning to get dad to print the b&w calla lily picture on the printer for me because it really is awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. Sometimes it doesn't matter that happens in the middle, it can make the finished end with the quilt all the sweeter. Great anniversary quilt.