Saturday, October 25, 2008

Keeping William

A couple of days this week, Mitch and I had the privilege of keeping our grandson, William. His mom had to work and we were delighted to keep him for her. He is eighteen months old and learning so much so fast.

William loves hats! Actually base ball caps, hats not so much. So, we bought him a new “hat.” Mitch had not yet had the opportunity to really know how much our grandson likes hats. When we first showed the new hat to William, he was at his grandpa’s knee. William bent his head down. Mitch wasn’t sure what that meant. I told him, William wanted the new hat put on his head. Mitch put it on William’s head and William just grinned. He loves hats!

William also loves ceiling fans. I am not sure what the attraction is. I know as an infant he would just lay down under the fan and watch the fan go around and around. When Mitch turned off the ceiling fan, he found out that William wants it on. His comment was, “I need the fan.” He continued saying that until Mitch turned it back on.

Of course, we are remembering just how quick children at eighteen months can get in to stuff. I did feel my age somewhat once we were through.

We were so blessed. It was a lot of fun!

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