Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a difficult day. It has been thirty years since my brother died. When I realize he has been gone more years than he was here, it is most difficult for me. I still miss him . . .

I mentioned earlier in the week that the weather had been beautiful. We had opened up the house and enjoyed fall weather. Then summer returned. It was much warmer during the day and the night. And now . . . here we have fall again. We have opened the house back up. It is so nice.

I know we need rain, however the clear, blue skies are lovely.

As I sat here early this morning on my computer, I looked out the doors to see a Blue Bird taking a bath at the bird bath. I saw several of them later on as I was outside.

Today I made cookies, to take with us tomorrow on a trip up the river. I washed the swing that sits out in the yard. Allie and I went for a walk. We sat in the swing for a little while. I had a cup of tea while sitting in a rocking chair on the back porch. I have been reading Max Lucado’s “Come Thirsty”, and I sat and read while I drank my tea.

Mitch went over to the parsonage to work on it for awhile this morning.

Tonight we had dinner with some friends out of town. It was a lovely evening and we sat outside at the restaurant, instead of inside. It is such a treat to sit and visit and talk.

It was a slow day pretty much. It was however a most enjoyable day.

I hope you are enjoying beautiful days.

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