Sunday, October 19, 2008


This window is on an old barn. The barn is on the Silver Lake WMA that I mentioned earlier.

This window is in the house where Mitch, Michelle (our youngest daughter), and I stayed in Churchtown, PA. We were there on vacation last year in early October.

Looking at these two windows started me thinking about the various kinds of windows. The one in the barn was probably used to load feed into the upper reaches of the barn. There was most likely a pulley system where bags or bales could be picked up and carried up to the top. So, it was a working window.

The second window, well, it was a working window. For me, though, in the short time I was there it was a dreaming window. I imagine for some young girl, in the past, it was a dreaming window. I sat there and looked out over rolling hills with Amish farms in them. It was a beautiful, peaceful site, which I enjoyed very much.

I have a dreaming, working window now. It is at the place where my sewing machine sits. I can sit there and work on quilts. While working, I can look out my window to see deer crossing our yard, foxes crossing our yard, or Blue birds in the bird bath. Some times a Fox squirrel will come sit in the yard. The sun comes up on this side of the house. It is a great window.

I hope you have a place to dream a bit while you are working.

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