Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Traveling Alone

Monday Night

It is interesting how lonely a hotel room can be.

When Mitch and I go out of town, and stay in a hotel, it seems we need at least three more rooms for the two of us. We always have camera equipment, a laptop, luggage (how much depends on how many days). There is hardly enough room for all our stuff in a single hotel room, even a really big hotel room. We have even begun trying to find state parks near where ever we are going. By getting a cabin in a state park, we get two bedrooms, a living room and dining room. It is great!

Yet, here I sit in a hotel, by myself, and the room seems HUGE! And, QUIET! which it never is with the two of us in one hotel room. I even think some times, when we are at a hotel, that I will go for a walk, so I can have some quiet.

I need to record this and read it the next time we go out of town together. “Hey, remember when you were by yourself and it was QUIET!” That ought to tell me.

The reason for my trip alone, I am speaking tomorrow at a women’s luncheon. This is the fifth such event where I have been invited to speak. The luncheon’s are for a national women’s Christian organization. I am thankful for the opportunity to give my testimony to a group of women.

Tuesday Night

I am home. It is great!

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Michelle said...

Glad you are home!!