Saturday, October 11, 2008

Washing Windows

October 11, 2008

Washing Windows

Mitch asked me last night if a friend of ours had any windows for me to wash.

What he was referring to was the fact that I told one of the ladies at church I would teach her Sunday School class this Sunday. Then our choir director called and said she is not going to be in church Sunday, could I please handle the choir duties. That means that I will lead the church in singing hymns as well as come up with a solo to sing, because the choir has not practiced anything for Sunday.

Our joke around here, or at least Mitch’s joke, is to ask if anyone has any windows for me to wash, due to the fact that I can’t say NO to anyone. I am not sure how funny this is. Because it is painful!

In this case, I had agreed to teach this Sunday because the choir director was supposed to be here. I had filled in for her last Sunday, and thought I would be safe this weekend. I like teaching Sunday School, though I do like teaching Bible Studies a lot more. I like singing. I have even been known to say I would rather have music than food. Indeed if one could live on music that would be the case. So, I REALLY enjoy leading the choir and singing.

So, today, I have been “washing windows”. I had to complete my Sunday School lesson. Then, come up with a solo for the special music for tomorrow. Finally, we have a substitute pianist. That should really finish off my nerves for tomorrow.

So, let me say, God is good!

I get to teach God’s word tomorrow, prayerfully hoping that He will give me the words that someone needs to hear from Him. The lesson is partly on handling disappointments. I’ve had my share. Hopefully something in my words will echo in someone else’s life, making a bright spot in their day.

I get to sing for the Lord tomorrow. I always pray when I sing that God will give me a song that someone needs to hear. Tomorrow I am singing about home, about heaven. Surely that is a comforting thought for anyone.

May you find someone to provide a bright spot in your day. May you find home.

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