Thursday, October 16, 2008

Silver Lake WMA

Last week, Mitch and spent an early evening at a recently opened wildlife management area, Silver Lake WMA. The land was owned by a paper company and then bought for preservation by government. It has several small lakes or ponds, along with some lovely woods. Last Friday evening, we went to take some pictures at sunset. We had tried to do this before, but we were a little late getting there. This time we got there as we wished.

The first image is from the barn. I wanted to be able to look through the barn and look at some beautiful maple trees that are changing colors. This is why we went at sunset.

The second image is from the woods. As we were driving through, I got the idea to try to make an abstract. Marti Jeffers, a photographer from Atlanta, taught me about in camera abstracts at a seminar that Mitch and I attended in Savannah. Time to try it!

Then the third image is from our Wednesday evening trip (last night). After our evening church service, we again went to Silver Lake; this time to take some images by moonlight. This image is of the barn, mentioned earlier. The image was taken, with about an eight minute open shutter. I then decided to make it into a black and white. Black and white seemed to fit the image better than color.

We really had a great time at this place. We have been there several different times and will probably go back.


Michelle said...

The barn door pic is great!

Fishpond Drain said...

Your shutter was open 8 minutes not 8 seconds.