Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Swing

This is where I spend a lot of my morning coffee time, this time of the year.

During the summer it is frequently too buggy. The gnats here in southern Georgia would drive anyone crazy, I do believe. It is warm in the mornings in the summer, but not too warm to sit and swing. So, if I can grab a fan, I may just be here in the summer.

During the fall and spring, it is just the right temperature and the bugs are not too bad. You may have an occasional mosquito, but that you can live with.

During the winter, a quilt can be taken outside to wrap up in. In some ways that is a favorite time, because I always love wrapping up in a quilt.

This is also a great place for prayer time in the morning, sitting outside surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. Frequently you have bird song for your morning hymns. You may have a Fox Squirrel that decides to “preach” to you, if you are lucky. Occasionally you may see a fox or a deer.

It is just a great place to enjoy a peaceful beginning to my day.

I hope you have a place to get a filling of peace for your day.

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